About Me

Welcome to Foodie for Thought, I’m Victoria and this is where you’ll find a selection of my recipes and restaurant reviews.

I started Foodie for Thought in February 2016 as my own online recipe book having grown tired of trying to keep track of food stained scraps of paper that I would tack to my kitchen wall whilst I cooked; yanking the paper back onto the counter every five minutes to scribble notes over an ingredient or step I had changed. I still have those scraps of paper and I’m in the process of filing them, but the recipes you see on this website, especially the early ones, are largely the refined version of those scraps of paper.

I’m a passionate home baker and cook and what I often lack in skill I more than make up for in enthusiasm! I am entirely self taught having spent my childhood years watching my grandmother make hearty family meals: shepherd’s pie, apple crumble and what felt like endless quantities of pastry. Watching came in handy because my grandmother, like her mother before her, has never followed a recipe in her life. Everything she makes she makes ‘by eye’, knowing how many spoons of this and how much butter ‘looks right’ for her recipe. I, on the other hand, like the structure of a recipe; I’m methodical and measure things exactly. Whenever I test new recipes I make sure I write down every single step and precise measurement – if I measure out 27ml of vanilla essence then 27ml is what I write down, there’s no rounding off at this stage!

I’m not entirely sure what sparked my passion for cooking having been a notoriously fussy eater as a child – something I am still working on even as I hurtle towards 30 – but it quickly became a release for me. Stressful day at work? Bake some bread. Horrible result in the football? Whip up some cookies. Hideous hangover? Pancakes are always a winner. As such, during particularly busy or stressful periods of time, I’m often found in the kitchen at 10, 11, o’clock at night icing a tray of biscuits or trying to plait a loaf of bread which actually, doesn’t do much for stress relief when you realise that dough and hair are two entirely different beasts.

As for my food philosophy? I always try to take a balanced approach to eating and drinking. I live for cheese, wine and all the white carbs, but I’ll balance that out with vegetables, healthy home cooking and litres of water. I always use fresh and seasonal ingredients where possible and as much as I can I always try and buy locally; supporting your local farmer or baker means you not only know where your food is coming from but it limits its carbon footprint and it helps your local economy and often, small businesses, which I think is really important.

Away from this blog I have a demanding job which involves long and unsociable hours and, when I have time I also do some charity work, often with young and/ or homeless people which I find very rewarding. I love nothing more than catching up with friends over good wine and better food and I’ll try and review as many restaurants as I can on here; I enjoy travelling to new places and 2017 took me to some incredible parts of the world; I love reading and don’t make as much time for it as I should and finally I’m trying to love running – I’ve got to counteract the cake consumption somehow which is the saddest discovery of my 20s.

I really hope you enjoy this blog and I’m always keen for a chat so do drop me a line using the contact buttons above, or find me on Twitter (@V__Gilmore) and Instagram (foodieforthoughtblog)