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Goals for 2019

We’ve nearly had the first full week of 2019 so after some thought and reflection, I’ve decided to share my goals for 2019 with you.

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I’ve seen a lot of pushback online against the idea of making resolutions or setting goals and whilst I’m not of the same view, I do understand it. The idea of setting goals one a year, at the start of the year, can cause people to put a huge amount of pressure on themselves to achieve things, that sometimes they probably don’t even want, simply because everybody else is doing it.

Personally, I like having goals. I have goals at work and I like having personal goals too. I don’t just set goals at new year and if my circumstances change and make my goal unattainable, I’m open to re-scoping my goal too.

I don’t want to spend too much, indeed any, time here reflecting on 2018. It literally nearly killed me in September but it also taught me a lot and changed my perspective completely. I think 2018 has played a significant part in shaping my goals for 2019, but I also think age has too. I turn 30 next year. 30. So the inevitable soul searching is starting to begin but I’m also a lot more confident in who I am as a person and the value I add and I think that too has gone quite some way in the development of my 2019 goals.

Ella Iconic CEO Of My Own Life Planner 2019, Planner, Blogger, Foodie for Thought, Review

In addition to my goals, I’m using my Ella Iconic CEO of My Own Life planner to set and track my monthly habits. It all comes together to complete my focus on making sure I am present and not overloaded in 2019.

So, here they are, my goals for 2019.

Make better choices

Like most people, I think, I’m becoming increasingly more conscious of my impact on the environment and so, in 2019, I want to make better choices. For me, that means keeping a reusable coffee cup, water bottle and bag-for-life with me when I’m out. I have a KeepCup and reusable water bottle at work but I never put them in my bag and while I try not to buy takeaway coffee, sometimes I need a coffee on the go and so I end up with a takeaway cup. I won’t buy bottled water so I end up thirsty if I forget my bottle (not ideal) and I’m rubbish at remembering to carry a bag so I’m forever either buying more carrier bags or trying to fit my shopping into my handbag, Mary Poppins style.

I’d also like to make an effort to eat less meat. I’m not a big meat eater as a rule but I’d like to formalise that by going meat-free one day a week. I wanted to do meat-free Monday last year but committing to the same day every week was too restrictive for me.

In a similar vein, I’m going to consume less ‘fast fashion’ this year too. I don’t need to buy everything in the Zara new season section every.single.season. I’m going to wait and buy investment pieces I really want, and a few basics when necessary but no more weekly Zara/Mango splurges.

Protect my ‘me time’ every week

This is a big one for me. I’m guilty of over-booking myself and committing to doing things that I really don’t have capacity to do and then doing them anyway and feeling really crappy in the lead up because I really don’t have the time but I feel bad about saying no.

This year, I’m going to be more ruthless with my time. I had to do this a bit more towards the end of 2018 anyway because my body wouldn’t physically let me do the things I wanted to do. Even when I started to feel better post-Sepsis, as soon as the Christmas diary started filling up my body started shutting down with minor infection after minor infection before I picked up a full-blown filthy cold that still has me sniffling and sneezing.

For me, the time I absolutely want to protect is Sunday afternoon/evening. I like my Sunday to be stress-free. It’s my time to unwind, read a book, clean my makeup brushes, indulge in a long bubble bath and face mask. it’s my time and I’m not giving it up this year.

Continue to practice gratitude

Practicing gratitude is a definite overhang from 2018. Finding things to be grateful for was one of the only things that got me through my time in hospital and it continued into my recovery period: being grateful for being well enough to go back to work, being able to watch autumn happen in one of London’s most beautiful parks as the trees turned the most beautiful jewel tones; finally having an edible meal again. You get the gist.

Making a conscious effort to find something good and something to be grateful for every day has become really important to me and there’s a space in my planner to write something I’m thankful for at the end of each day which I’ve been filling in without fail so far.

So, there you go. My goals for 2019. Small changes day to day that add up to bigger goals in the long run.

I hope that I have more time to spend on my blog this year. I had such big plans for my little corner of the internet last year that didn’t come to fruition. As I mention above, I’m the queen of over-booking and so I just didn’t leave myself enough time and the more I tried to force it, the less I wanted to do it. Sitting here and writing this post has been such a lovely 30 minutes; it’s inspired me to schedule in the time this year to do more of what I enjoy.

Have you set yourself any goals for 2019?


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