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Brunch at Lantana Cafe Shoreditch

There’s nothing I enjoy more at the weekend than brunch and it’s even better when it involves bottomless mimosas!

My friend Jill is moving to Los Angeles at the end of the month which is sad for many reasons but the two I’m going to pick out are: 1) it’s really far away which makes me sad, and 2) she always manages to find the best places for food and drinks which she blogs about here. As a Perth native she’s a big advocate of Aussie food places and so when she suggested brunch at Lantana Cafe in Shoreditch, Carla and I knew it would be good.

Lantana Cafe is just a short walk from Old Street station and serves brunch from 9am ’til 4pm at weekends. You can go for the Blowout Brunch as we did which includes unlimited Bloody Mary’s, prosecco, mimosas and coffee with any brunch item; you can go alcohol free or you can opt just to buy items individually.

The bottomless brunch is £36 per head and you get an hour and a half booking. If you’re planning on having quite a few drinks, though be warned the service tailed off pretty quickly and glasses were refilled less frequently, then it’s advisable to go for the bottomless option but if you’re only having one drink and some food, don’t opt in.

We kicked things off with a few drinks. Jill started with a Bloody Mary that looked delicious and perfectly spicy whilst Carla and I opted for mimosas. They were pleasant enough and went down well. We had quite a few.

I’d had a long and pretty horrible week so coffee was also essential and it was good, oh so good. I’m pretty sure I should have this stuff in a drip at the moment! I really liked the patterns on the top too. I’m always super envious of people on Instagram who find cute coffee places that make really intricate latte art.

The food was the star of the show though. Jill always says that Aussie places do the best breakfast and brunch and I think she’s on to something with that idea. I managed to hold everyone off eating for long enough to get pictures of their food, the downside of having a friend who food blogs!

Jill went for the kale bread which comes with grilled halloumi, roasted tomatoes, a poached egg and some chilli jam. It looked delicious – the tomatoes were roasted to bursting point, the halloumi was cut into chunky slabs, the poached egg looked perfect (NB – I hate poached eggs, they make me feel quite uncomfortable) and the kale bread was really tasty. I also hate kale but I tried a piece of the bread and it was so, so good. You can read what Jill thought here.

Carla went for smashed avocado on toasted sourdough with a poached egg, labneh, hazelnut dukkah, a courgette and fresh herb salad and a side of bacon. You can’t go wrong with avocado on toasted sourdough in my opinion and adding bacon is the best decision you can make.

My approach to brunch, or indeed to any sort of breakfast buffet, is toddler at a pick-n-mix counter: give me all the sugar! I only ever have French toast once in a blue moon because it’s so mediocre in so many places but this French toast with perfectly poached rhubarb, orange mascarpone mousse, pistachio crumble and scattered blueberries was brilliant. The toast was pillowy soft, the rhubarb and orange mousse were perfectly tart, cutting through the sweetness of the bread and the crumble was superb.

Another round of coffees (and mimosas) revived us from our food comas and on we pressed.

We decided, rather foolishly, to sample two of the cakes on the menu too. The crack cake which contained chunks of pineapple was delicious. The crumb of the cake was light, the fruit shone through and the frosting was divine; and the jaffa cake which was a real let down. The sponge was made with almonds and was incredibly dense and really not very nice at all.

I think Lantana Cafe is a great little brunch spot, the food really is excellent and it has a really laid back vibe which I like. It’s also really spacious which is a bonus because at first glance it looks tiny. If I do go back I’ll skip the bottomless brunch option though and just stick to excellent food and coffee.

I’d advise booking if you’re planning a visit, whilst it wasn’t super busy when we arrived by the time we left it was really filling up.




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