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Food and Blog Goals for 2017

Following on from my Top 10 Cakes of 2016 post a few weeks ago I thought I’d put together a list of food and blogging goals for the year ahead. It’s a little later than I had hoped but as it’s still January it’s still okay!

Let’s start with food.

I’d like to have a meat free week at some point this year; no doubt spurred on by the festive excess. I already have a menu in mind and I think it would be a great way to discover new foods, recipes and flavour combinations that I would otherwise miss out on. During the winter we’re drawn to comfort foods: hearty stews and casseroles, roasted meats, bacon with everything and I’d like to try things a bit lighter. Hopefully I can fit this in before I head off to India in March as I suspect I’ll be eating a lot of vegetarian food there.

In total contrast to the above, this year I’m determined to learn how to make beef wellington. It isn’t the sort of dish I’d order in a restaurant (I prefer red meat well done which I know is blasphemy to most foodies!) but it looks like a challenge and I do like a challenge. Not to mention the fact it is a great dinner party meal in the sense you can make just one dish and serve several people.

Following on from the dinner party theme, I’d like to perfect my timings when making a meal. I’m not horrendous at it but it seems to be the one skill that really escapes me and means something gets left off because I can’t finish it in time or ends up a little cold and let’s be honest nobody wants cold carrots with their meal.

I want to focus on cooking and eating at home more this year. Don’t get me wrong, very few things can stand in the way of me and a good restaurant (read: cocktail list) but now that I get home from work a little earlier I’d like to spend more time preparing my dinner in the evening rather than grabbing an M&S ready meal on the way home or ordering a takeaway. This applies for lunch too as I’d like to take my own lunch to work at least three times a week. I spend an absolute fortune on convenience food – not necessarily fast food just silly things like buying a salad at lunch when I can make one that I’ll doubt enjoy more.

Finally, I’d like to get some use out of my cookery books. I have an abundance of them on groaning shelves in my kitchen and I very rarely reach for any of them. They arrive through the post, I have a quick flick through them and make mental notes of things I’d like to try, they then get given a spot on the shelves and that’s it. It’s a real waste of resources and I’m sure I’d learn an absolute wealth of tips and tricks, not to mention new flavour combinations, if I just picked them up once in a while.

Now onto the goals I have for the blog this year.

I’d like to improve my photography this year to really take my recipes to the next level. I already put a lot of effort into snapping everything and making sure it’s as clear as it can be which isn’t a particularly easy task in the darker winter months. Over Christmas I invested in a proper camera that I’m excited to start using and I hope you can see the difference in my photography. Also, I’m going to work on my creativity and styling as much as possible this year.

I’d really underestimated the amount of time it takes to test and perfect recipes, to photograph the stages, to edit and select the photos, to write the recipe, to upload the post and then to promote it on social media and as such I feel I’ve fallen behind a little. I’m going to create a schedule of posting and begin working on things weeks in advance to keep my content relevant and seasonal. I think being more organised should really help.

Finally, I’d like to improve my interaction with other bloggers. Food blogging doesn’t seem to be as popular as lifestyle, fashion and beauty so I definitely need to work to connect with other food bloggers more this year. It’s been nearly a year since I started this little space on the internet and I feel like it’s time I immersed myself in the blogging community more.




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