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Fondant Fox Electro Floral Class

The Fondant Fox Electro Floral masterclass is the perfect way to test and push your creative boundaries.

I’ve wanted to do the Fondant Fox electro floral class for so long and I finally went in September for my birthday.

The class is held at the fabulous Meringue Girls bakery in Hackney (the same place as the Juliet Sear class I took which you can read about here) and it’s such a great space.

Instead of Carla (Fondant Fox) the class was taken by Bec from Daisy and the Fox and she was absolutely superb. So knowledgeable, really sweet and great fun; the three hours of the class absolutely flew by (even more so when I had an angry taxi driver waited for me on the wrong side of some locked gates….).

We started out by making our meringue shard and kisses – I’ve only made meringue kisses once before and there’s a definite knack to piping them that I’m still trying to perfect but we’re getting there.

Meringue in the oven it was time to level, fill and crumb coat our cakes. I’d have happily left mine naked like the above and may do so next time I make this cake.

Final layer of icing on and then it was time to add the chocolate drip. I’m still coming around to the idea of drip cakes having made myself one for my birthday for the first time but it’s a really striking effect and one I want to experiment with.

With the drip layer on we were encouraged to let our imagination run wild with decoration which is where I struggle as I like quite simple and classic designs, shapes and lines but I have to admit it’s really great fun just being creative with colours and textures.

Cake decorated it was time to box up and head home to think of how I’d put my new skills into practice which sadly, having had a busy few weeks at work I haven’t had time to do yet but I’m hoping to try and bake more over Christmas.

I thoroughly enjoyed the class and found it went by in a flash. If you’re interested in baking and cake decorating then this is a great way to spend an evening and you can find details of up and coming classes on Carla’s instagram or website.

Now I just need to work out what class I’d like to do as a Christmas present; I’m currently leaning towards a Bread Ahead doughnut course so watch this space.


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