Tipsy Tea at Mr Fogg’s

Tipsy Tea at Mr Fogg’s Residence is quite the treat for the weekend or a girlie day out with friends.

My friend Lucy and I absolutely love afternoon tea and have tried quite a few over the years but afternoon tea at Mr Fogg’s isn’t your usual afternoon tea: there’s no list of exotic Darjeeling blends or mentions of notes of white silver birch, no, afternoon tea at Mr Fogg’s doesn’t involve tea at all…

Cocktails are the order of the day and you can choose from gin based or champagne based and have the option to upgrade to bottomless cocktails which means once you finish your teapot another is swiftly brought over. Naturally Lucy and I opted for the bottomless option and in the interest of fairness we tried one gin based cocktail and one champagne based cocktail.

Mr Fogg’s is quite a unique little venue, nestled just behind Berkeley Square it has a real speakeasy feel about it and you could quite easily walk past it if it wasn’t for the tiny little blue plaque highlighting it as Mr Fogg’s and the doorman who announces your arrival with a firm knock to the door and a theatrical bell pull.

Once inside Lucy and I were shown to a sofa in the centre of the room and a little low table that made us feel like we were in Alice in Wonderland! The walls were adorned with a quirky mix of items from portraits to stuffed animal heads to a deflated hot air balloon. As if that wasn’t enough, there’s a resident pianist and singer to serenade you throughout your experience; his name was Oliver and he was fantastic, even as the room emptied out Lucy and I couldn’t resist clapping after each song.

As I mentioned before, in the interest of fairness we decided to try one gin cocktail and one champagne cocktail before deciding whether or not to go bottomless with one or both… spoiler, we went bottomless.

The gin cocktail we opted for was called Catherine of Braganza and was a mix of Hendrick’s (my fave!), Cointreau, Creme de Apricot, marmalade and fresh lemon juice. If you couldn’t guess from the ingredients it was a citrusy little number that was very refreshing, a real thirst quencher.

We selected Belvoir Castle as our champagne cocktail which combined Verve Clicquot and Hendrick’s Gin (can you guess where this is going yet in terms of favourites….) with cherry puree, pomegranate juice, lemon juice and rose liqueur.

With it’s rich colouring and delicious taste, Belvoir Castle was the clear choice to go bottomless with. We ordered 3… Each pot contained about 4 teacups worth and even with it’s generous serving of ice provided good value.

Cocktails poured, it was time to move on to the sandwiches.

Who could say no to such an inviting display? Whilst Mr Fogg’s don’t go over the top with their presentation like some venues do, everything was beautifully presented.

Whilst I am trying to be less fussy with food I did notify Mr Fogg’s in advance that I don’t each fish or seafood and as such, Lucy’s smoked salmon brioche rolls arrived on a separate plate and we had an extra of each sandwich which was an excellent idea.

For me the tandoori chicken flatbread was the standout item, it was a little spicy but it was absolutely beautiful and very unique – a nice change from the coronation chicken option that I’ve found to be quite popular; the speck and rocket sandwiches were lovely and full of flavour and I helped myself to all three cucumber sandwiches because I love them and they were amongst the best.

The scones were lovely and came with clotted cream and blackcurrant jam which was delicious, the good thing for me was that they were relatively small scones which meant we had room for the cakes. I often find scones at afternoon tea are so large you end up feeling like you’ve overeaten.

The milliefeuille were lovely and perfectly small, the chocolate truffle melted in my mouth and wasn’t at all sickly and the cream sponge was a lovely traditional touch.

You’re allocated two hours at your table but not once did Lucy and I feel rushed or pressured to ask for the bill, we could quite easily have stayed for hours, drinking cocktails and having a good gossip.

I thoroughly recommend Mr Fogg’s Residence as an alternative to the traditional afternoon tea if you’re in London.


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