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Dinner at Ember Yard

I could quite happily live on tapas so for me, there’s no better place for a catch up than Ember Yard.

In a change from my usual recipe posts I thought it would be nice to add in a few restaurant reviews to keep things interesting: I’m forever visiting new restaurants and revisiting old ones and as I am part of Generation iPhone I’m always taking pictures of my food so it feels natural to share my thoughts on the places I visit.

I really like the informal aspect of tapas and everybody ordering a few dishes and passing plates around the table to try and Ember Yard doesn’t disappoint in any of its dishes that I have tried over a few visits. With a glass of Malbec to my right and a friend passing a plate of Padron peppers on my left, the only thing that lets you know you’re not dining al fresco in sunny Spain is the roof over your head (and usually the pounding London rain outside!).

The real star of the show for me is the grilled flatbread with smoked butter, honey and thyme. I always say that this bread is so good it tastes like it has been handmade by cherubs and it’s true – the charring on the flatbread gives a crisp smokiness which compliments the butter whilst the honey and thyme work together to create a fusion of flavours.

There’s that cherub bread again but this time, the star of the show is the mixed Spanish charcuterie, the Chorizo Iberico is some of the best I’ve had and layered on top of the flat bread you really can’t go wrong.

The Padron peppers didn’t last long enough for their own picture – they’re perfectly cooked and seasoned and I could eat plate after plate of them: they remind me, more so than any other dish, of actually being in Spain. They are absolutely delicious and thankfully I’ve yet to get one of the really hot ones!

The chorizo skewers with saffron aioli are real winners, the chorizo is again absolute perfection and this time cut into thick rounds and grilled on a skewer. The saffron aioli is the perfect accompaniment, providing a smokiness to the skewers that is entirely unique.

We did order a few other side dishes but indulged in a few glasses of red wine too so only half of the meal made the cutting room floor when I was editing the pictures!

The real beauty of Ember Yard, apart from the exceptional food which is all cooked to order, is the wonderful service which is attentive but never too much nor too forceful and the location. Situated on Berwick Street just off Oxford Circus and close to the heart of Soho it is perfectly connected yet remains quiet which I actually really like as it’s quite rare in Soho that you find somewhere so calming.

I’m already scanning the menu for ideas on what to order next time I visit so if you’ve been send your recommendations my way and if you haven’t visited then book yourself in – you won’t regret it!


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