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Juliet Sear Masterclass

Cake decorating expert Juliet Sear held an ombre master class last weekend — find out how I got on!

When I spotted the Juliet Sear ombre master class on twitter a few months ago I knew instantly it was something I wanted to get involved with. Although I love baking, my bakes tend to be very simple and so I wanted to do something that would not only teach me new skills but also give me a push to actually be more creative.

After meeting up with three lovely Twitter friends Anna, Becky and Bexy we set off for the Meringue Girls studio just behind Broadway Market.

Once we’d all arrived Juliet gave us a run through of what the day would entail along with a demonstration of how to make the middle tier of our gluten free cakes before sending us off to our own mixers to start on our cakes.

With our cakes in the oven we set about making 3kg of buttercream which would be used to fill and crumb coat all three tiers. Somewhere under a cloud of icing sugar our middle tiers emerged from the oven; they were deliciously golden brown and the smell of vanilla was absolutely heavenly.

After levelling, splitting, filling and crumb coating our cakes it was time for our lunch from Franco Manca which is one of my favourite pizza places, owing to its use of sourdough bases. I’m glossing over the levelling and splitting of the cakes because it was honestly the most difficult part of the day for me, my bottom tier wasn’t at all straight and my second tier fell apart. Thankfully Juliet was on hand to salvage them both so I learned some really useful tips from her on what to do when things go wrong and I know that it’s something I need to practice as I’d never split or levelled a cake before!

With lunch done it was time to move on to choosing our colour schemes and tinting our icing. I wanted a bright pink that faded into white and then went up into a deep purple. I really enjoyed tinting the icing and playing with the colours to get the ones I wanted, this is definitely something I want to do more of.

The top tier was by far the most tricky to ice and smooth as it was so tiny and kept moving off its board!

As you can see, I was so focused on trying to keep my lines evenly spaced on the bottom tier that I totally missed my light pink later and went straight in with my neutral buttercream which was a bit of a nightmare as it meant I didn’t get the result I wanted but I’m still happy with the overall appearance of the cake.

Using fresh flowers to decorate a bake is something I want to do more of and I love how the redcurrant glisten with their glitter coats.

All in all I had an absolutely fantastic day and I’m so looking forward to putting the skills I learned into practice on other cakes. Juliet was a fantastic teacher and so patient and the other ladies in the group were all incredibly talented, it was inspiring to watch everyone and see their creations.


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